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Many businesses ranging from small to large have transformed with email as a communication platform in the present world. It has eliminated all the communication hurdles and has made it super easy for businesses to share data and information with their shareholders and customers in a financially savvy way that is too incredibly fast from any corner of the world.

Small-scale undertakings that wish to appear a bit more professional and eliminate the risk of any virus attacks, malware attacks, and scammers are moving to professional email services rather than using free services. For example, the free email services, yahoo and google, cannot improve their company's overall credibility and are failing to portray the actual brand image of their company. That said, opting for professional email services, there are numerous advantages that small-scale undertakings can avail that they would somehow not get when they opt for free email services.

What do we mean by professional email service provider?

The professional email service provider works and acts as an email office for your company. This service includes top email service, which has excellent and prominent distinctions from traditional free emailing services, counting google and yahoo. These professional email services are best suited for small and medium-scale companies.

The professional email services even feature the organization's domain name within the email address of the company. Rather than bearing a typical,, or, organizations can now have the email address tweaked and personalized according to the name they prefer so that they appear even more professional and polished.

Integrate various trend-setting innovations with the help of professional email services that make them different from traditional email services that are free. Hosting the organization's domain name alongside security email validation plans, such as rerouting, filtering, and replication, are included under the professional email service.

Edifice's professional email services will do wonders for your business

At Edifice, we've upgraded, refreshed, and raised the standard of professional email to make it easy, safe, and adaptable to smartphones. Now, with the help of Edifice's professional email services, you can easily synchronize every account across all gadgets and devices. Each time you send and receive email messages, you will market and promote your business, efficiently manage all your folders and more. In addition, it's also money-saving.

Emails that strive as hard as you do for your business

Edifice's email portals will help you efficiently manage digital space with widgets that can be tweaked and customized for weather reports, news, sports, and much more.

Have a quick preview of the attachments

You will be able to see and preview the content of an email without the need to open the application. It perfectly loads on all gadgets — even on a smartphone.

Stay connected and updated with the calendar

Set up meetings, move occasions from other calendar applications, forward invite messages, and get regular updates across all of your gadgets, so you're constantly tuned in.

Edifice has got you covered

Confidence of your customers

According to you, which of the following domain names looks more appealing? [email protected] or [email protected]? clients are 10x more likely to pick your company if your email is the same as your website's domain name.

24/7 support

Edifice experts are here to provide you with round-the-clock support wherever you are. Call us any time of the day and talk to a genuine, live email specialist.

High-end security

You'll remain protected and 100% safe with world-class virus and spam protection filters and top-tier security measures. We successfully prevented more than 300 million unneeded, risky, virus-prone, unsafe email messages each hour.

Edifice's professional email assists you with remaining on top of your clients' minds with an email address that perfectly coordinates with your domain name and can market your company with each email you send to your customers. Professional email includes simple-to-utilize features like calendar events, schedules, contacts, assignments, and even easy to tweak webmail portals.

Additionally, you can utilize your number one email customer, such as apple mail or microsoft outlook. Edifice's professional email function is incredible on every gadget, even smartphones, and automatically updates on all devices. That implies your email is consistently updated and cutting-edge.

Have confidence in Edifice as our experts provide round-the-clock support, encryption based on 256-bit programs, and excellent spam, malware, virus security to keep your inbox protected and clean all the time.

Yes! We at Edifice block spam to keep your inbox protected. Our world-class anti-virus and spam filter tools successfully block more than 300 million unneeded, risky, virus-prone, unsafe email messages every hour of the day.

An email address customized, such as [email protected], functions as informal publicizing for your business and business website. Each time you send an email message, you're indirectly providing your website's domain name to your clients, increasing the possibility of them visiting your website.

It shows that you are genuine and credible and focused on your business by adding your domain name to your email address that seems more professional than yahoo!, gmail, hotmail, etc.

You can make a one-of-a-kind, easy-to-remember email address by making use of your first name or department your business focuses on ([email protected]).

In contrast to most email providers or free conventional services, email services offered by Edifice are free of annoying ads, so there aren't any disturbance or promotional ads that divert your customers from your emails.

How can i be completely assured that my business email is 100% safe and secure?

Edifice professional email services help your business and business stay completely protected with world-class and industry-driving virus and spam protection filters, 256-cycle encryption and high-end security measures. At Edifice, we use the most extensive email and messaging security measures and solutions made by integrating cutting-edge data analytic tools, mechanized danger tracking and monitoring system, and a group of specialists to offer the highest possible security in real-time.

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