Integration services

At Edifice, we offer best-in-class software integration services. Our experts focus on bettering your IT framework and generating value. We provide the best suggestions about technology, custom development services, Instant API solutions customized according to your business needs.

System integration consulting

Edifice has excellent expertise and years of experience in providing system integration services. We provide Enterprise Resource Planning software (ERP), Enterprise Content Management (ECM), Customer Relationships Management (CRM) integration, and more. We help various organizations make their business solutions and applications compatible and aligned with each other.

Service-oriented architecture

Ensure that your business goals go hand in hand with your firm's IT framework. At Edifice, we offer service-oriented IT services and solutions such as improving the flow of information and company data, creating new functionalities rapidly, configuration flexibility, state-of-the-art integration abilities, and much more.

API integration services

With the help of Edifice's API integration services, you can easily align various IT systems and frameworks. We provide custom-built and ready-made API solutions for multiple business applications and functions to increase the productivity and efficiency of the workflow. We specialize in JSON, SOAP, REST, and XML.

Why choose Edifice as your integration solutions provider

Edifice is one of the topmost integration solutions provided to companies in the USA. We offer you a favourable environment for participation and cooperation. With our customized solutions, you will notice a boost in your business performance. We offer on-time solutions even with a packed schedule.

Great expertise

It has been over a decade now since we have provided integrated solutions to small and large-scale organizations. If you need professional consulting on your integration project, our experts are completely capable of doing it.

Incredible results

At Edifice, we stick to a well-organized delivery process to guarantee our customers desired results will be completed on schedule, within spec, and under the prescribed budget plan. Edifice's expert project managers will ensure that the software provided is top-notch and authentic.

Project control

We are the first IT company in the USA to provide our customers with a unique portal to track the execution of their projects. You can easily monitor the changes we make, receive notifications, view the project in real-time, and review finance information seamlessly.

Free strategy

Edifice has an excellent opportunity for those who question how to begin their integration journey. We will schedule a meeting with a specialist, who can help plan your integration venture free of charge. You will get helpful and valuable tools to start your journey.

Edifice's custom IT integration services

Edifice's experts thoroughly study your business module and IT frameworks you are currently utilizing to provide the best-suited solution for your business. Our primary focus is to increase the efficiency of your company and ensure to make it compatible with various software applications.

System analysis

Every project that we work on begins with a complete analysis of your business which is the foundation for designing the solution, estimating the required time and expenditure. The main focus of Edifice's integration services is to detect the difficulties faced by your business. Based on our research, we provide the best-suited integration solution for your company.

System assessment

After our experts complete the analysis step, you will receive a thorough report with the necessary suggestions and required solutions. The solution will help you improve your efficiency, decrease time spent on maintaining IT, and improve your data quality.

Solution design

For integration, Edifice offers custom software development and implementation services. Edifice's experts will build custom software unique to your day-to-day requirements.

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