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Edifice CMS offers powerful widgets, stunning templates, and intuitive backend tools to amplify your web design experience. Best of all, no coding experience required.

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If you're tech-savvy you also get an option to add custom code to your website to extend its functionality.

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We are here to help you, give us the details of your site voila!

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There are plenty of reasons to register a domain. When you enlist a domain name for your business, you reserve it for yourself or, in other words, copyright it.


Use the image editing tools to make it easy to change and apply different fonts, colors, effects on your image. We have fully customized editing tools to make your website look beautiful.

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Edifice CMS offers you the complete freedom and flexibility to design your website content management, all you have to do is to define the required functionalities and the type of content you want to publish.

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