Headless CMS

The world of Content Management Systems (CMS) has changed significantly, but Edifice is helping keep up with the times. Headless CMS differs from traditional because it doesn't deal directly with any page-specific information; rather, headless relies on a central API for all data needs and allows developers to work in their own environments while still having an impact across many pages at once.

Content Management Systems (CMS) have been around since back when they were just about making websites look beautiful by changing colors and fonts - now they've evolved into something much more important than that: controlling what people can see online.

What is a headless CMS?

A headless CMS is an excellent way to get your content out there in the world without having to worry about formatting it for a specific device. A headless CMS is a modern, more efficient approach to content management. It acts as an API where you can access your data anywhere and on any device without having to worry about the presentation layer of design because it's all done for you which means less work overall.

A headless CMS gives you free reign over what output system, or even how many output systems can be used at once. This makes them ideal if you're operating multiple company websites and want all of their pages designed identically.

Benefits of opting for Edifice's headless CMS solutions

Quicker and efficient editing experiences

If you opt for a traditional CMS solution, you need to spend resources editing and rendering your content. However, in a headless CMS solution, the rendering process takes place at the backend, so your editing process becomes quicker and more efficient.

Easily manage content for multiple channels

With the help of Edifice's headless CMS solution, you can easily manage content for websites and mobile applications. You can also take care of your personal/administrator content from the same spot and be more efficient.

Developer friendly

Since content that is genuinely headless is served across various APIs, developers and designers can pick their choice of frontend tooling. For example, if the developer is familiar with javascript and not so comfortable with ruby or PHP, they can easily switch to javascript. likewise, you can interchange your stack's parts or even change from one architecture to another, not harming CMS functionality.

Easier scaling

Edifice's headless CMS solutions enable you to easily manage your company's content from an isolated spot, switching from one developer tool to another developer tool whenever required. You can even send and store your content at Edifice's cloud storage and access it at any required time.

100% safe and secure

Since content generated through Edifice's headless CMS solution is isolated from the presentation layer, there is no risk of getting attacked by viruses, malware, or spam.

Edifice is the digital chisel in your hands, scripting your website dreams into reality with its intuitive interface , stunning templates, and powerful tools, allowing you to build an online masterpiece without the need for coding expertise.

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