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If you don't have a workout plan, that means you compromise with your health and strength. The same goes for not having a proper plan for your fitness website; you compromise your business growth! No one likes to jeopardize their health, so you should not compromise your fitness business. Edifice is here to help you fulfill your digital potential by designing websites for your gyms, fitness coaches and fitness studios.

Outdated or difficult to navigate websites affect user's first impressions. You can make an excellent first impression on your visitors by providing an appealing landing page on your website. 

Edifice's team of website designers has excellent experience designing websites for our clients in the fitness sector. Please have a look at our fantastic website designing services below.

Why do you need to spend on fitness website designing?

When you design your fitness website through Edifice, we aim to impress website visitors to learn more about you and trust your fitness brand.

The best website design influences your client more than you think. The following numbers will make you believe in it.

Website design is crucial to boost your business. It is not just about the aesthetics of your website; it's more about giving an idea to your potential clients about the services they can expect from you. For example, if you want your audience to engage in your fitness brand, let Edifice design your fitness website!

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    75% of users judge a website by its aesthetics.

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    First impressions are made within 27 seconds.

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    48% of people become frustrated if websites aren't smartphone friendly.

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    88% of users say that they will never use an online store or website if they have a poor user experience.

Perks of having an effective fitness website designed by Edifice

Within reach of customers:

Most potential clients will search online instead of driving around the city. Therefore, Edifice makes sure to provide you with a high-quality fitness website that stands out from the crowd.

Increase in the number of visitors and memberships:

The more time visitors stay on your website, the more chances of converting them into customers increase. At Edifice, we design your website based on your goals.

Accessibility on all devices:

With various devices in the market, it would be wrong to assume that your potential clients will only use a desktop to view your website. Instead, make your website accessible on all devices. Edifice creates all the website designs to be responsive from any device.

Essential elements Edifice covers for a fitness website design that converts visitors into clients


Edifice will create a website for you that attracts your visitors with a stunning first impression, encouraging them to visit your fitness studio physically.


For website designing, Edifice uses user-friendly features such as updated menu structure and straightforward call to action buttons that act as a virtual GPS, enables clients to reach and access your website and you efficiently.

Responsive design

This feature of Edifice website designing helps users quickly access your fitness website through various devices such as smartphones, desktop computers and tablets. Your website will function properly no matter what device is used.

Regular updates

Edifice fitness website designing provides your website with regular updates based on user preferences and market demands. With our website designing services, you can contact us to implement any changes and update as needed during the designing process of the website.

Edifice is the digital chisel in your hands, scripting your website dreams into reality with its intuitive interface , stunning templates, and powerful tools, allowing you to build an online masterpiece without the need for coding expertise.

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