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Email Marketing

Edifice offers an email marketing service that will help you grow your business by keeping current customers up to date on news and sales and engaging new customers with incentives.

Modern Email Templates

Don’t waste time jumping from platform to platform trying to stay on trend; get your brand and message out there. Edifice has several fully customizable email templates to help you create modern, sleek emails with professional branding.

Simple Editing

Pick an extraordinary and beautiful design and make it your own with basic editing. You can add a picture to make it more appealing, a link to add related content, or add a button that drives more engagement.

Regularly send content from your website to email

Create convincing emails by adding your current items, blog entries, and even your company's logo so that your email campaign is practical as well as relevant.

Email tools offered by Edifice are user-friendly and efficient. They make your email marketing process more straightforward and help you interact with your clients.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Engage with your customers. It’s 2021 and automation is here. Use Edifice to manage your customers, prospective customers and email database to create real-time campaigns and manage your data.

Deliver your message, in real time, to real customers. Engage with previous buyers, repeat customers and more.

The highly responsive

Connect to your customers regardless of where they are. Each layout design utilizes Edifice's responsive methods; therefore, the emails you send will look incredible whether seen on laptops, computers, or smartphones.

Integrated analytics

With the help of built-in analytics for email marketing, you can quickly analyze, evaluate and recalibrate your email campaign accordingly.


Using analytics, you can even view the performance of your email campaign while it's currently going on.

Get the complete picture

Analyze your metrics carefully. Keep track and view reports of how many times your email was opened, links were clicked, and successful conversions took place.


Analytics for email go hand in hand with your website's analytics, making it simple to determine between organic traffic versus traffic coming due to marketing.

Highly advanced and cutting edge email marketing tools

To automate your email campaign, seamlessly manage your contact list, and customize every email you forward, make use of Edifice's cutting-edge email marketing tools.

Automated emails

With the help of automated emails, you can invite subscribed customers to your mailing list, offer huge discounts for being a new customer, and much more. stay consistent and create positive relationships with your customers while never clicking send.

Managing your contact list

Import email lists, transfer them smartly from the email to your business website or make a new list for your email campaign.

Personalize your emails

Remember to add your subscriber's name in the subject or in the main body of your email to give that personal touch to every email you send.

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