What is a cloud CMS

Many organizations and businesses are moving from traditional on-premise CMS to a newer CMS platform based on cloud; in other words, cloud CMS. A cloud CMS has similar features and functionality as a conventional on-premise CMS, giving authors and creators the ability to create, edit, update and delete content as needed.

In the case of an on-premise CMS, the website owner needs to deploy the CMS. With cloud-based CMS, a third-party host can execute content. cloud service providers, such as amazon web services cloud or google cloud, can host CMS systems for multiple organizations and businesses.

Advantages of Edifice CMS cloud solutions

In the last decade, content management and delivery technology have advanced, and so have the expectations of users and customers. Content authors and creators should understand how this advanced technology can be applied and integrated to meet the expectations of their customers. These higher expectations of the customers have forced many content creators to switch from traditional on-premise CMS to cloud CMS solutions.

Cloud CMS solutions offer content creators the abilities and valuable functionality of the on-premise CMS and enable them to the improved functionality and adaptability of cloud CMS.

Low upfront costs

A critical benefit that cloud CMS solutions offer to companies and businesses is that it is incredibly budget-friendly. In traditional on-premise CMS solutions, the company needs to purchase a permit license for the solution, rent a hosting space, lease bandwidth, install the solution, test it thoroughly, and set up the framework before dispatching it.

Cloud CMS solutions solitary startup costs are the initial subscription and membership expenses. The cloud providers will manage all the remaining operations related to starting the system. This startup cycle opens up extra resources that can be Edifice utilized worldwide while dealing with other critical details.

Less need for expensive IT teams

If you opt for on-premise CMS frameworks, you have to bear the massive expenditure of maintaining an IT team to develop the CMS framework and launch it. Additionally, the coding becomes vast and complicated. The in-house IT staff must constantly customize, repair, and upgrade the CMS framework; you will need their continued assistance for maintaining it. In the end, it becomes a very money-consuming service.

In a cloud-based CMS solution, the codebase is more diminutive and makes the overall developing and implementing step easier. It even removes the buffer zone between CMS and content creators who use it, gradually reducing the need to maintain an IT team.

The 'nocode' theory adapted by Edifice completely solves this problem, offering content creators a codeless interface, managing their workflow, and editing pages according to their requirements. Edifice recently launched an "edit anywhere" feature that helps the creator edit their content without the assistance of an IT team, whether it be a single-page application, digital signage, web application, or any other kind of framework.

Complete security & enhanced compliance

Data breaches and hacking of major websites often appear in the news. Security of your company's critical data has become the main concern for almost every business out there. Every business website needs protection from phishing attacks, malware assaults, information and data robbery, crypto mining, and other hacking and data breaching worldwide. The procedures associated with getting information protected at on-premise servers, obeying and adhering to guidelines formulated by authorities such as General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), are costly and complicated.

Alongside security, compliance is also essential for a CMS solution that is enterprise-level. Each organization needs to know about content governance or even make some basic rules according to which the content must be created, managed, and distributed. This task requires powerful work process features and the capacity to set jobs and permission for CMS users.

A robust and reliable cloud CMS guarantees your company data and compliance, securing your data from hackers and malware. In addition, the CMS provider will likewise be answerable for refreshing and upgrading their security measures and compliance protocols following the latest enactment and market trends, enabling you to concentrate on your primary business completely. Edifice has industry-standard and world-class security features and can make complex work processes for successful content governance. Experts at Edifice constantly update the compliance protocol to make Edifice CMS cloud the number one choice for companies worldwide.

Seamless integrations

Edifice CMS cloud solutions offer content creators a wide range of options for incorporating various mainstream software products and services. With the help of cloud-based CMS solutions, content authors can not only integrate their CMS solutions with their E-commerce store, CRM frameworks, and personal data repositories faster but manage their integrations efficiently from a single dashboard.

Edifice's best-in-class CMS cloud solutions automatically integrate with most enterprise software tools such as marketo, salesforce, and other various e-commercing tools. In addition, Edifice's RESTful and GraphQL API support, lowcode API Tooling, with its inbuilt scripting feature, offer businesses the opportunity to integrate and interface with any software platform or gadget seamlessly. This guarantees that you're getting a cloud-based CMS framework and a content center to help you get a digitally advanced working platform that keeps your unique business functional requirement in mind.

Automated updates

When an on-premise CMS needs to be updated, the IT staff disconnects the current framework from the internet and then installs, tests, and launches the new updated CMS framework. This downtime can eventually cost the business website owners millions of dollars of income as well as time. With Edifice's saas CMS, the experts at Edifice will manage all your CMS updates and maintain CMS frameworks for you, with nearly zero downtime. If you opt for Edifice's cloud CMS services, the stress of updating your CMS framework and upgrading services are included in our membership plan.

Edifice is the digital chisel in your hands, scripting your website dreams into reality with its intuitive interface , stunning templates, and powerful tools, allowing you to build an online masterpiece without the need for coding expertise.

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