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Cloud accounting

Cloud accounting or online accounting has similar functions that are in desktop accounting. However, there is no desktop application – you sign in to the latest online solution, and all information about your company's financial transactions is stored securely on the cloud server. In addition, there is the availability of open API in most cloud platforms, which means you can easily integrate third-party software with your system to offer extra benefits to you as a business owner.

Advantages of moving to cloud accounting

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Access your accounts from any place

You can easily access your business accounts from anywhere with the help of cloud accounting. all you need is an internet connection, eliminating the need to work from one fixed PC. Instead, sign in using a web browser from your smartphone, tablet, PC or laptop with the help of Edifice's cloud accounting mobile application.

100% safe and secure sharing of data

When you're operating with your account keeper or bank, you can access your business accounts with the help of Edifice's cloud accounting software. there's no requirement for a USB pen drive or sending repeated emails. instead, your business advisors will have 100% secure and real-time access to your business's critical financial data. faster and safer, it provides your advisors with the data they require to help and guide you to grow your business.

Time-efficient and budget-friendly

Working online not only decreases your IT expenses but also saves you time by keeping you up to date with your business all the time. accounting based on desktop needs a considerable amount of money for purchasing the IT equipment; in addition, you need to maintain it regularly, have a server to host the software application and store related information. you also need to consider the expense of an IT engineer for server maintenance and handling your office network.

Instead of waiting until you are at your workplace, you can instantly grant permission for any financial transaction or forward invoices to your clients. It will help you save crucial time and increase the efficiency of your financial department.

Why choose Edifice for cloud accounting?

Edifice offers you more than just handling your accounts and our expertise in cloud managing. to make your journey towards cloud accounting smooth, efficient and straightforward, we focus on thoroughly understanding our client's business procedure. In addition to that, we'll provide you with complete knowledge about the software, so you face no difficulty while managing and maintaining your cloud-based accounting system. however, you can always get support from Edifice's extremely talented cloud experts should you require it.

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