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Choose the template design, customize it by using drag and drop editor. If you're tech-savvy you also get an option to add custom code to your website to extend its functionality. If you don’t know to code, we are here to help you, give us the details about your company and voila! A customized website is ready.

Sketch your own unique identity: Use the image editing tools to make it easy to change and apply different fonts, colors, effects on your image. We have fully customized editing tools to make your website look beautiful.

How does it work?

Edifice CMS is a website builder that allows businesses to build and deploy the website online. The customized CMS builder offers the businesses the flexibility to choose the content structure and the way they wish to place it on the website.

Edifice CMS

Edifice CMS offers you the complete freedom and flexibility to design your website content management, all you have to do is to define the required functionalities and the type of content you want to publish. We have multiple features in Edifice such as images, plain text, rich text, videos, links, number, date and time, switch, color, and other options that you can implement.

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Edifice SEO makes it easy for you to appear on top of your google search results.

The most important basic elements to start with Edifice SEO is to give titles, descriptions, and custom URLs for each page of your website.

The Edifice will boost your site by creating business listings across the search engines, site reviews, and site mapping.

Keyword monitoring will optimize your ranking.

We have an advanced tracking SEO tool to make your site look on top of everything.

The results of the search engine are shown in a hierarchical order, and the higher you appear the more clicks and visits you get.

Email marketing

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Customer XM tools

First, define what you want. Although some existing organizations may have a clear understanding of what they want, at this point, many customers, particularly new or small businesses, don't have a clear idea of what they want.

Next, discuss the technical part of the business.

Have collateral you need to change, should share details to the agency to ensure proper implementation.

Create your design, with the color scheme, visual elements, and media.


Choose one from the designed templates that best suit your online store.

The Edifice has a customized cart layout designed to grab the shopper’s attention.

You can emphasize the product details to highlight the best features of the product.

With our customized feature, you can priorities the best-selling product images and reviews and ratings for the product fields.

To keep your receipt and order notification emails on the brand, upload your logo, and tweak colors.

Preview store designs before finalizing the online store design.

Add effects and animations to create an attractive online store to grab the attention of the customer and stay one step ahead.

Google analytics

Google analytics will help you make decisions based on data.

Gives a clear analysis of where to invest and determine the type of content required.

It will help you to understand where the maximum traffic arrives at your website.

It will help you understand the pattern of the visitors that arrive on the website.

You can get a dimension attribute report on google analytics, such as the city from which traffic highest originates, the website you evaluate, or the social media site you are analyzing.

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