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Designed for beginners; Powerful enough for professionals.  
  • Powerful widgets to boost function and style.

  • Stunning templates to make starting easy.
  • Intuitive backend tools to help your business function smoothly.
  • Best of all, no coding experience required.

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with templates and tools to go from beginner to professional in a few clicks.

We built Edifice with all users in mind.

Some web builders require extensive coding knowledge, excluding beginners. Other web builders provide expensive tiered pricing once you’ve built a basic home page. Some don’t give coders a place to flex their skills. Edifice is a place where everyone is invited to build their vision.

Connecting your vision to the world.

You no longer need coding experience, weeks, or a fortune to build an impressive website. You just need Edifice.
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    Our one-click technology is easy for beginners.

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    Our sleek, industry specific templates make it possible to publish a website from scratch in a matter of hours.

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    Our templates, services, widgets, and back-end tools come standard, making Edifice the affordable web-building option.

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    No coding or complicated tech experience is necessary, but its welcome!

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    Our platform offers coders and experienced builders the ability to maximize their skills.

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    Edifice provides powerful backend tools. It’s in the name: Customer Relationship Management, that allows an in-depth look at sales, customer relationships, and a variety of ways to stay connected.

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    Edifice comes with Got Incite, a powerful way to survey the people who are connecting with you.

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    Edifice comes standard with dozens of different templates, both stock and industry specific, including Health & Wellness, E-Commerce, Educational, and more.

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    Edifice has hundreds of different widgets, making your page look and feel the way you want.

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    Edifice has editing and customizable tools for everything from font color selection to scrolling effects and cursor hover animation.